Rolling Back Gunmen–Unemployment, Everyday

Sometimes heroism goes unrewarded. Such is life. We have been taught that modesty is a trait of heroes, so if a tree almost falls on an unattended baby in the woods, only to be stopped by a hero that no ones sees, who gave me the right to mix metaphors this badly?

But sometimes heroism is downright punished. Where, you ask? Who could be so foolish as to look courage and good intent in the eye and strike it down outside of a comic book villain convention or a Nazi shower scene?

Fucking Wal-Mart. That’s who.

You're out of a job!

Layton, UT.

Loss prevention employees Lori Poulsoen, Justin Richens, Shawn Ray, and Gabriel Stewart observed a man (later to be identified as Trent Longton) sneaking a netbook out of its box and under his shirt. The group intercepted Longton as he made his way to the front of the store. They led him into an office where they attempted to recover the merchandise and get information on the shoplifter.

That’s when Longton pulled a gun. He pushed the gun into Stewart’s back. This was not the best play for him. The other three employees wrestled the gun away from him. No one was injured, and Longton (who, it turns out is a convicted felon) was taken into custody. The responding officer said that the employees acted in “The best interest of safety”. Surely, Wal-mart agrees.

Nope. They fucking fired them.

You fucking what?

Wal-mart has a policy. It’s called “The Investigation And Detention Of Shoplifters” policy. The policy states that is the shoplifter brandishes a weapon, the employees are to retreat, and wait for the authorities. I can see how that makes sense. If you’ve got a guy waving a gun around in a crowded store, the last thing you need is Douchebag Danny from Home and Garden Supplies playing hero and getting a lot of customers shot.

But that’s not what happened here. They had this guy cornered in an office. They were all employees. Longton grabbed Stewart because Stewart was blocking the door. Longton was trying to get out.

Into the store.

Where the customers were.

So, they apprehended the guy, stopped him from shooting their coworker and any customers, and even got the merchandise back, and all four of them get fired. Even the one who got the gun put to his back, a 12-year employee, fired.

Ah, maybe it’s for the best. They might be able to find work doing something a little more suited to them. They kinda sound like some hardasses.

I do not own Photoshop.

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