Kill In Your World, Play In Ours

Speaking of video games and violence, here’s a possible correlation.

When Kendall Anderson, of Philadelphia, got in trouble at school, his mother Rashida, decided to take away his Playstation 3. Makes sense, right? Acceptable punishment? Not according to Kendall. He decided that taking away the PS3 was a bit much, really, so he went upstairs and hit his mother 20 times with a claw hammer. Kendall wasn’t done showing his mother what overreaction was all about yet, though. He dragged her downstairs and attempted to cremate her in the oven. Well, that didn’t go the way he wanted, either, so he pulled her outside into the ally, where he beat her caveman style with a table leg.

Man, parents just don't understand

She survived.

I’m just fucking with you. Didn’t you read what I wrote above? Of course she died. Kendall killed his mom because she took away his PS3. Good job, Kendall!

The good news is, Kendall apparently really likes games. Where he is going, there are lots of games.

Grand Theft Anus: I-IV

What Happened To All My Clothes? (A Kendall Anderson mystery)

Cornbread(hole) Capers!

Kendall Anderson, Up Your Arsenal

Kendall and Double Ray At The Olympics Of Soap

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