Fuck The Police

Sometimes, you have to shrug off the chains of society and let loose with some good ol’ fashioned anti-establishment behavior.

Oh shit, son. I have a new hero, and he flings poo. That chimp is so off the rails that he qualifies as his own jurisdiction. That fucking chimp is my new life coach.

Me: “But Mr. Ironcock, (the chimp’s name is Thelonious Ironcock) I just don’t know what to do about this terse situation at work. My supervisor is such a harsh taskmaster.”

Thelonious Ironcock: “Did you try bashing him with a trashcan? Throwing feces at him?”

Me: “Well, no…I…”

Thelonious Ironcock: “HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING I’VE TAUGHT YOU?”  *Smacks me open-handed across the mouth.*

Also, the commentary in this video is top-notch. “Look at ’em! He’s smashing it!” Why am I not surprised that there is a chimp running free and causing havoc in this neighborhood? His owner was probably way too busy in his meth-lab to remember to lock up the enclosure. It happens.

And the cop? Shit how do you explain that on the damage report?

Hell yes.

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