As Stupid As You Are, You’re Not As Stupid As This Guy

At least I hope not.

A Clarksville Tennessee man stole some beer yesterday. This in and of itself is not noteworthy. I’m sure that beer gets stolen all the time in Clarksville, Tennessee. I mean, what else is there to do there, right? You have sex with farm animals, then you steal some beer. Immediately followed by more sex with farm animals. “If I could talk, I’d tell them what you did.”

But here’s what makes this unique:  The guy that took the purloined beverages came back and tried to return them. Because he felt bad? No. because they weren’t cold enough. That’s like calling the cops because somebody stole your weed. You’ve either got balls the size of grapefruit or a brain the size of a pea to try something like that.  (Hint: it’s always the latter.)

“everybody’s always tryin’ ta bring me down!”

One Response to “As Stupid As You Are, You’re Not As Stupid As This Guy”

  1. can anyone tell me where this photo of the bearded man came from??

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