Obama Vs. ipad. Double Down, Muhfukka.

“I can bring you the news.”

“And donkey porn, and Ke$ha, and anything I don’t want you to hear about.”

I want to make it clear that here on the Playground, we are apolitical. We will bash and make fun of everyone equally. Don’t believe me? Well Fuuuuuck you. Look here. So, if any foam-mouthed partisans show up in my comments, let me make this clear: If you post a fanatical political comment, your mother is a whore. That’s not my fault. It’s on the interwebs, so it must be true.

And, that was kind of Obama’s point. POTUS made a speech at Hampton University in Virgina yesterday where he basically bashed all things internet, (singling out the ipad, the xbox, and the playstaion, specifically) saying that these pieces of tech were more distractions than means of gathering information.  Look, I’ll be the first to admit that video games have wasted more than a few hours of my time. I’ll also tell you that if I put stock into everything I read or saw online that I wouldn’t be writing this right now. Why? Because there are hot singles in my area RIGHT NOW who want to chat with me!

“Where have you been all my life?”

I could also be helping a Nigerian prince get his money over here, (For only a small fee that I would pay) the percentage of which would virtually guarantee I would never have to work again.

“Trust me.”

And I understand that the man does not have the easiest job on the planet, but COME THE FUCK ON! Where does this ‘progressive liberal’ get off speaking out against an emerging technology that is slowly but surely choking all other avenues of media to death? A misstep for sure. Don’t believe me? Ask The Philadelphia Daily News, which recently declared bankruptcy. Or The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which closed completely. And they are only the tip of the iceberg. There will be more. The internet has already, and will continue to, be the the source from which more and more people get their news. And if the information is skewed or some how inaccurate, well, how is that any different than what these guys have been doing to us for years?

And then, there’s the whole retribution angle to consider:

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