Price Check On An Ass-Whoopin’

It’s senior beat-down day here at The Playground. It’s funny how both of these stories surfaced the same day, like there was some PCP laced in with a bad lot of Geritol, or gin, or something. Perhaps the TV networks have started inserting subliminal messages into Matlock. Maybe this is just the beginning, and all the sixty-plus people out there are going to rise up, Zombieland style, and fuck the rest of us up. If that’s the case, we could be in some serious trouble. The Baby Boomers are a huge group, if you haven’t heard, and who could really deliver the headshot to grandma?

“Dude, you gotta take her out, now! She’s coming for you!”

“But she’s in a walker! I don’t see how…”


That’s the sound a crochet needle makes, when it goes into your eye. Don’t say Coddy didn’t warn you.

And the cops were waiting! Ha! I hope he hits GenPop in time to catch the news.

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