He Should Have Read The Shirt

Warning, violent content and language.

Some people might look at this post and say that I am promoting racism. That, by posting this video here I am saying that it is okay, or funny, for a white man to beat on a black youth. If you are one of those people, please, go stick your head in the nearest gas oven. I am saying neither one of these things. I’m not promoting racism, I am showcasing stupidity. Recently, it seems like more and more people have forgotten about the rule of proximity. The rule is, that just because I am not supposed to do something, or because there are laws in place to protect you, that doesn’t mean you won’t still catch a beat down if you act like an asshole.

A few things here that are worth going over, in case you missed them.

One, what the fuck is this girl wearing?

Seriously, what is that? And the nineties would like those headphones back, thanks.

Speaking of her, check out her face before Young & Angry goes on his battle charge.

“The fuck?”

She knows this guy is about to make a mistake, but she’s too busy listening to Animal collective to stop him.

And what’s up with those noises as he charges?




I have a bird that makes sounds like that, when he’s agitated.  it sounds roughly as threatening as this guy.

Then, after the guy gets off the bus, Young & Angry talks shit, as if the whole bus didn’t just see him catch an ass-whoopin’. Some folks never learn. He should have paid attention to the shirt.

Apparently, he is.

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