Thanks, Ladies, For Making Valentine’s Day Special.

Anybody who knows me knows I loves me some Twitter.  I Twitter so much, the Twitter Master has to send me a schedule of when he would prefer me to Twitter, as not to choke the server and mess up any of you other good people that might want to put out there that you are ‘Having the most boss slice of pizza right now, seriously’. I’m all about the social networking, and yesterday was a prime example of social networking gone right.

If you are one of the trillion or so females that follow me on the Twitters, you surely saw the Tweet I sent out last night about my man, Geoff. I read a study (or someone else read it and told me about it–like I have time to read studies with all the Tweeting!) about how Valentine’s day is hook-up prime time for single ladies.

“I’m way more likely to give it up on VD.”

And since nobody likes to be alone, I sent out a link to my boy Geoff’s online dating page. Because, let’s face it, you needed him, and he’ll take anything he can get. Click photo to enlarge.

That’s my boy! He even trimmed it up for you, for this special day! Dual hearts! Only Geoff could pull that off. I’m saying, if you are looking for something a little more serious that just a casual encounter, like you had with him last night, I’m sure he’d be down with it. Geoff is a sensitive guy. His favorite movie is ‘The Notebook’. He cries after sex! What more could you ask for? I mean, he’s got Queensryche forehead, but you can get past that. You’re bigger than that.

“Operation, Forehead.”

*Queensryche’s disease is a serious ailment that effects approximately fourteen percent of the worlds male population. If you would like to make a donation to the Queensryche’s Disease Foundation, please contact the author of this site, and give your credit card information directly to him.*

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