I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

So, apparently there is this kooky new thing that the kids are doing nowadays. Or maybe they were doing it and not doing it anymore? This could be ancient! I don’t know. I am an internet grandpa, doing 12 miles an hour in the slow lane of the inter-mation-super-roadway. There is literal dust collecting in the hollows above my clavicles, and when Apple’s new i-brain interface comes out next year, I won’t even be able to connect due to my draconian ports. Then will come the sadness.


But for now, we can do this! Because we have nothing better to do!

Go to: http://www.urbandictionary.com

Enter your name in the search field.

See what you get! Here’s mine:

Those first two, Meh. It’s kind of true that I don’t like people mispronouncing my name, but as far as being sexy, only your mom’s opinion matters to me. But that third definition? Whoo! The guy who wrote that knows me!

Now, for my alias:

So, no definition for TheJesusCodpiece, but at least we know that that is a thing. A scary thing.

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