Your Search Is Over

Okay, we’ve been through a lot, I know that. And I know that you’ve been thinking of leaving me. That’s fine. Sometimes not staying together is the best thing for both people. There’s no point in carrying on if we’re just going to drive each other crazy anyway. But why didn’t you tell me there was someone else? I’m kind of hurt to have to find out like this, by searching your  hard drive and coming across this video. But do I blame you? No, I do not. This guy, he seems to have it all going on.

See, why didn’t you just tell me? I would’ve understood. I mean, I know when I’m out-gunned, okay? It’s like if I were a basketball player, and Micheal Jordan came back out of retirement to foul-line dunk over my head. Got to respect the game. He’s got a six inch penis for god’s sake! What I’m gonna do against that? A better question, what are you going to do against that?

The answer is, “so much”.

4 Responses to “Your Search Is Over”

  1. Fuck the 6-incher, I want the millions and a chance to be involved with a psychopath!

  2. This guy is totally my type. If he spends all day and night playing World of Warcraft and has drug/alcohol/mental problems, I would fall in love! Added bonus if he’s emotionally abusive. No, seriously.

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