Goddamn it Haiti, You Made Me Miss Ghost Whisperer!

I found this out in the Wasteland today. And, wow. I mean, just, wow. Look, if you want to help out the Haitians, or if you don’t, that’s your prerogative. I don’t go down to where you work and slap the novelty T-shirt out of your mouth, or something. But seriously? To get this mad about your TV shows getting waylaid for something like this is very small. And you can tell your girlfriend I said that.

I mean, there are only two people in that thread with a brain, and they are sorley out-numbered and out-volumed. Lawdy.

One Response to “Goddamn it Haiti, You Made Me Miss Ghost Whisperer!”

  1. wow wow wow wow i would have been PO cuz ur damn show was miss nobody dont give a fuck bout u just like u dont bout Haiti what if u had family i bet yo ass would care a life is a life u are the epidemy of ppl in the world who makes life worse for the rest of us just stuck on stupid. uma laugh when something happens to u and u need help but nobody will help u cuz u ain help i wouldn’t donate the shit out my ass to help yo behind grow up get a life cuz obviously u dont have one lol …. i am soo happy i dont know them people lol sionara bitches have a gud life .. ps sorry for the cusing lol i dont da that but this made me mad lol special thanks to the ppl who stud up

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