Maybe the Shark Hoodie wasn’t the best idea

It’s turning out to be Fashion Day here ! (Just to clarify Fashion Day is not a ‘thing’ here. I do not ‘do’ a fashion segment. Here’s a peek at my wardrobe:

You see what I’m saying. This is coincidental.) I’m so ciced! It’s going to be fierce! They should ‘make it work’! I now sound like it’s a few years ago and I know what the hell I’m talking about. I’m not savvy on the haberdashery, y’all. But I know a bad idea when I see it. Oh look! Here it is! Now why would you make that? You’ve got to know that the only kids that are going to want these are the bully types who will use the ‘Elbow Bite Of Infinite Ownage’ as the coup-de-grace to a public beat-down.

“Oh snap, Trevor, did you see Meat just bite Troy with the elbow shark?”

“Dude, it was tubular!” (This is coming back around, you guys just aren’t cool enough to know it yet.)

And I’m not guessing here. This would happen, and often. Here’s how I know…They don’t just come in shark . And when I was looking at the choices, the first thing through my head was I would have wanted the raptor. It’s too late for me, you guys.

2 Responses to “Maybe the Shark Hoodie wasn’t the best idea”

  1. how do you get it/???????

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